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You are the creator of paradise on earth.


Keito Hirakawa

Intuitive healer, owner of paradisa by keito





IG @paradisabykeito

Keito is a self-taught energy healer. Ever since she was a child, she was very curious about the art of healing. That curiosity led her to learn reiki at the age of 17. After graduating from high school in Japan, she moved to Hawaii. There, she learned ho’oponopono, a traditional Hawaiian healing practice, hypnotherapy and fengshui. She later moved to Los Angeles, where she attended the Fashion institute of Design & Merchandising to pursue her other passion — jewelry design. 

Keito returned to Japan and started her own jewelry line. She continued to expand her knowledge of body-mind-spirit connection through color therapy. As a result, she discovered her natural gift for helping people realize their authenticity. She believes that the most powerful tool to heal ourselves is our intuition, because we instinctively know what’s best four us. This journey of healing is different for each of us.

“You can have as many healing tools as you like, but being in tune with your intuition and having unconditional love for yourself are the key to sustainable healing. That is my core value,” says Keito. Currently, Keito offers private sessions and workshops to help people heal themselves and in turn become better healers in their own right.

Follow her journey on IG @paradisabykeito